We take on all case large or small. If this is the first time that you are considering using the services of a private investigator, relax we can help. You might consider your situation embarrassing, sensitive, challenging, and/or bizarre; we understand how difficult some things are. You may feel isolated with your problem, but we are on your side and here for you. So donít be afraid to contact us. We understand how difficult some things are; never forget we are on your side. Everything we discuss will be held in the utmost confidentiality.

Here are some of the things we can help you with:

Conduct thorough Background Checks
Restraining Orders Served
Undercover Investigation Personal or Business
Cheating Spouses (Significant Other) Caught
Harassment source found and prevention
Cyber Bullying stopped
Missing Persons found: Whereabouts of just about any person including employees, business partners, spouses, boy/girlfriends, relatives, debtors, witnesses and more.
General Liability Claims
Workers' Comp Fraud Investigations
Identify Additional Income Sources

Please call, email or use our handy confidential form to get the process started.