We offer a wide variety of attorney services. We understand the investigative needs of attorneys and what constitutes proper evidence and chain of custody.

Civil Litigation Support
We will locate new witnesses, interview potentially involved parties, perform background checks, determine the relationship of parties and others, conduct surveillance and conduct undercover workplace surveillance as needed.

Locating Witnesses and Defendants
We find where some actually lives (as opposed to the address their mail goes)

Criminal Defense Investigations
We gathering evidence and secure witnesses for attorneys. One of the things private investigators have that defense attorneys do not is time. An investigator can focus on the small details of the case. We give a defense attorney the necessary information to do their job to secure an acquittal. When we review and reread and compare materials received from the prosecution, we seek out inconsistencies and evidence that may have been originally overlooked.

Statement Gathering
Winning your case often depends on the ability to gather evidence in the form of witness statements. In some cases, this is made more difficult due to witnesses not reporting their addresses or moving frequently. We can assist you by locating your witnesses in a timely manner. Should you decide that you would also like to utilize our services to interview your witnesses, we will travel to their location and conduct confidential interviews on the subject of your case.

Process Serving
We go the extra mile to affect your serve.In some cases, people simply do not wish to be served legal documents. They may wish to avoid a court case or divorce case and may simply leave town or refuse to accept the documents. When this happens, it is important to have a professional private investigator or process server do the process serving for you.

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